Phenolic Duct Panel

Traditionally, air ductwork is made of sheet metal which is installed first and then lagged with insulation as a secondary operation. Ductwork manufactured from rigid insulation panels does not need any further insulation and is installed in a single fix. Light weight and installation speed are among the features of preinsulated aluminium ductwork, also custom or special shapes of ducts can be easily fabricated in the shop or on site.

The ductwork construction starts with the tracing of the duct outline onto the aluminium preinsulated panel, then the parts are typically cut at 45 degree, bent if required to obtain the different fittings (i.e. elbows, tapers) and finally assembled with glue. Aluminium tape is applied to all seams where the external surface of the aluminium foil has been cut. A variety of flanges are available to suit various installation requirements. All internal joints are sealed with sealant.

Both polyurethane foam panels and phenolic foam panels are then coated with aluminum sheets on both sides, with outside aluminum thicknesses that can vary from 80 micrometres for indoor use to 200 micrometres for external use or high air pressure in order to guarantee the high mechanical characteristics of the duct, or then coated with aluminum sheets on inside, and coated with 200 micrometres sheet metal or pre-painted sheet metal on outside.

Aluminum Foil Phenolic Foam Air Ducting Panel is high strength panel, which takes the phenolic foam as the core material with reinforcing the aluminum foil on both sides. It is non-combustible material, which has no smoke and innocuity while catching fire and the bending strength reaches over 1 Mpa and the thermal conductivity index reaches 0.02W/m.k. The phenolic foam can be fabricated into all kinds of rectangular (bended) ducts by cutting and adhesive connecting, then can be fabricated into the air ducts of all kinds of specification and shape by using the combustion resistant flange and adhesive. It is widely used for the air conveyance systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and other deluxe high-rise buildings.
Specification and Technical Data
The Air Duct system feature
  1. Low heat conductivity, higher thermal efficiency
  2. Light weight
  3. Foamed with CFC/HCFC free, Zero ODP environment friendly.
  4. Seal hermetically and reduce the air leakage
  5. With aluminum foil reinforced on both sides, corrosion protection, sanitation and beautiful appearance
  6. Foamed with closed cell structure, water-proof and sound insulation
  7. Accessories completely, installing rapidly
  8. No protruded flange, saving the building space
  9. Easy making and convenience maintenance
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