PEF Insulation Sheet

C&F PEF adopted the latest rubber-plastic modify tech in the world and introduced into the world-leading perpetual aluminum foil composite technology and the relevant equipments. The raw materials is polyethylene (PE), it has no PVC, gives out low smoke and non-toxic matter, you can use it safely, the product’s information performance for heating and vapor was wholly improved from the common rubber plastic foam material.
Specificatoin and Technical Data
The Air Duct system feature
  1. The Foam Inner Structure: 100% independent close cell
  2. Perpetual Aluminum Foil Composite Technology
  3. Low Thermal Conductivity
  4. Water Absorption: 0.0019g/cm3
  5. Superior Fire Resistance and Safe, Non-toxic

Chemically closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam (XPE) combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties than standard polyethylene foam. This foam is available in a wide range of densities and is available in over 40 different colors. It is anti-static, conductive, and fire proofing. And it can be water-jet cut, cnc routed, laminated, thermoformed, and pressure-formed. Its smooth surface, excellent consistency, gauge control, superior physical and chemical properties, low water absorption and vapor transmission make it a versatile, dependable solution for a host of demanding applications. C&F XPE is usually laminated with aluminum foil and self adhesive on both sides for duct insulation application purpose.

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