PU Duct Panel

Polyurethane foam pre-insulated duct has been developed and spread around the world, as its application has been gradually extended to all type of air distribution system such as industrial, commercial and civil. It is one of the most advanced and energy saving air duct systems. It is eco-compatible and environment-friendly as well.
Polyurethane foam pre-insulated panels comprise rigid polyurethane foam faced on both sides with a protective low vapour permeability 80 micron aluminum foil. They are completely CFC and HCFC free, and are of highly thermal resistance. This panel is especially suited for use in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system installations
Specification and Technical Data
The Air Duct system feature
  1. Thermal Insulated Property reaches the fireproof grade of non-inflammable B1, and has excellent fire retarding property. Also can effectively resist ultraviolet ray, prevent erosion case by climate changes in four season, and is applicable in places within and outside doors at -120C to +80C
  2. Friction Loss is very low, which reduces the continuous loss of cold wind volume. The temperature humidity and purity of the air transported in the Pipe can maintain original level.
  3. Accousics It is microporous structure and uniform combination; its thickness is 20mm or 25mm,which results in better soundproof and effective vibration-damping effect.
  4. Transport, Manufacture & Montage Its weight is only 1.4Kg/m2 leading effective reduction in transport cost, manufacture and montage costs, also project finishing period. (1 holder for every 3-5 meters of support pipe)
  5. Economic Benefits The usage of the ducts has considerable good economic benefit because of its long life-span, short construction period, small investment for equipment, less quantity of workers needed and saving man power and montage costs for hanging and supporting structure, simple daily maintenance and decrease in long-term investment.
Energy saving C&F duct sheet with thermal insulation for air-conditioners with environmental protection is manufactures through special technology, with lowest thermal conductivity of 0.021 W/m.k in comparison with recent all thermal insulation material for air conditioner and obviously economizing electricity in normal work.
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